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Damage identified to bird guard during drone chimney inspection
Suspicions were confirmed that rooks had once more managed to break in!

The ability of drones to provide high resolution imagery from height is revolutionising inspection activities.  Complex structures can be inspected without the need for expensive equipment such as cherry pickers and scaffolding.  Moreover, drones can be operated without limiting access for other activities, which otherwise might create scheduling conflicts and incur additional costs.  By using a drone to carry out inspections the risk of injury to personnel is significantly decreased, with an associated effect on business insurance premiums. Furthermore, the speed of inspections is dramatically increased, providing a better return on investment when compared to traditional methods.

As an approved Drone Service Provider (DSP) we are able to operate safely in a range of environments, supporting a wide gamut of inspection activities from roofs, aerials, gutters and solar panels to bridges, telecommunication masts and powerlines.

A live video feed from the drone offers you the opportunity to monitor and influence the course of the inspection; while recordings allow a more detailed assessment off-line and provide a ready-made record that will be particularly beneficial if you are involved with scheduled building maintenance activities.

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Mapping / Modelling

Drones are capable of completing surveys and mapping jobs far more safely, easily and quickly than traditional methods allowing more time to focus on the data rather than on figuring out how to acquire it. Using photogrammetry techniques to process multiple high resolution photographs of the area and / or structure(s) of interest, the resulting data may be made available in a range of standard formats including point clouds, georeferenced 2D orthomosaic maps and photorealistic 3D models.

It is important to understand the quality criteria needed before undertaking a survey.  Data accuracy, both in relative and absolute terms, is governed by a number of factors and whilst levels comparable to traditional surveys are achievable the associated time and cost will be far greater.  We will work closely with you to ensure an appropriate level of accuracy to meet your needs.

Data products derived from our drone surveys are applicable to a variety of tasks, across a range of industries. Typical uses you may consider include linear measurements, volume calculations, cut and fill analysis, pre and as-built surveys as well as assisting with stockpile management, cadastre, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) progress reports.

Our 3D digital models will provide you with a unique orbital view of the site / structure of interest, providing visual perspectives that simply aren’t possible from the ground.  The models are ideal for quickly assessing safety aspects, progress and gaining a better understanding of relative geometry and boundaries.  They will also help your venue or property website stand out from the crowd, allowing prospective clients to better appreciate the scale and grandeur of the setting and prompting an increased number of viewings.

As a farmer, our highly detailed digital maps will allow you to easily monitor the growth and health of your crops and to quickly identify potential problem areas for closer ground inspection.  Supported by a number of vegetation indices, including Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index (VARI), Visual Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (Visual NDVI) and Green Leaf Index (GLI), we will provide you with the data you need to maximise your crop yield.

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Drone orthomosaic map of crop field part overlaid with Visual NDVI heat map
Visual NDVI image (bottom left triangle) highlighting extent of vigorous growth due to 'overlapping'.
Click on photo to view 3D model in new window
(Note: the number of polygons has been reduced to aid loading on older devices).


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Showreel of our favourite imagery from home and abroad.

Drones are now capable of obtaining photographs and video that until recently would have either been impossible or very expensive. They have opened up a wealth of creative opportunities and give the viewer a very different experience compared to images captured at ground level.  Dramatic panoramas, adrenaline-filled action sequences, 360 degree birds-eye views and even time lapse; the possibilities and their application are only limited by the imagination.

Spectacular examples can be seen regularly on the TV, particularly in nature and wildlife documentaries such as BBC’s Blue Planet.  This new and exciting technology is now within everyone’s reach. Our combination of advanced airframes and contemporary imaging equipment enables us to produce equally stunning high resolution aerial photographs and 4K video for your private and commercial use.  Whether you are looking to showcase your business, market your property or capture a special event, we will work closely with you to ensure the imagery delivers an exciting new perspective and gives you the edge on your competitors.

And as we still have a great affinity for terrestrial photography and video, we are able to offer you the best of both worlds.

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